About Me

IMG_0569 polito color copy1Have no ideas when it comes to websites, social media marketing, and strategic planning? You’re in the right place. I help smart people come up with creative ideas for their non-profits, small businesses and entrepreneurial ventures.

I’m Carolyn Noe and I work with busy entrepreneurs to make the daunting task of starting and running a non-profit or small business more manageable.

When I started my own non-profit in 2012, there were not enough resources available to help us plan and grow. While many legal resources were available, other information such as strategic planning, program development, and board management were all geared toward larger and more established non-profit organizations. Over the past four years, I have become an expert in creating executable plans of action, engaging a new board, designing and developing websites, and leveraging social media marketing for promotion of our events and activities. These days, I put those hard won skills to use working to help boost new non-profits.

This blog and my services are for new non-profits and small businesses who want to run like the well-oiled machines of bigger organizations. Starting and running a non-profit or small business can be hard, but it’s my mission to make it easier.

Fun Facts

  • I live in Cincinnati with my husband and our dog named Mr. Darcy (yes, like from Pride & Prejudice).
  • I have a Master’s degree in Museum Studies and worked for quite a few museums before shifting into web development.
  • Having started a nerdy non-profit, I have several nerdy interests including, but not limited to, Firefly, Pride & Prejudice, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Harry Potter, and Parks and Recreation.

My Social Impact Manifesto

I am a creative, leader who is passionate about feminism. I challenge the status quo. I like to leverage my skills in web development, program coordinating, and strategic planning to help non-profits achieve their goals. I don’t just enhance nonprofits, I enact impact.